Our passion and drive is to be the fastest, easiest way people can find and schedule a dental appointment.

We want the experience of finding the dentist to be stress-free and to save everyone time while providing a modern simple platform to do it.

MyDentalTime was created with dentists and patients in mind.

Our platform is a win-win for patients and dentists. Traditionally, calling was the only way patients could interact with dental offices. MyDentalTime creates a simple, friction-free way for patients to make and manage their appointments. Simple, fast, free to use, and patients get to choose the appointment time that works best for them!

MyDentalTime was founded by Amit Patel DDS and his team.

As a Dentist himself Dr. Amit Patel understands the time consuming nature of being limited to finding a dental appointment by telephone or in person. He is passionate about creating innovative ways to connect Dentists and patients..