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Life Is Easier With MyDentalTime

The Old Way

Time Consuming

Finding a dentist that is right for you requires time to call each dental office near you.

Limited To Business Hours

Adjusting your appointments must be done over the phone during regular business hours.

Require A Lot Of Work

Finding a new dentist requires calling each office to see if they are accepting new patients and take your insurance.

With MyDentalTime

Quick and Efficient

No need to pick up the phone, finding a new dentist can be done online with a few clicks.

Accessible Day and Night

Schedule your appointments online anytime you need, day or night.

Effortless Search

Finding a new dentist is easy, you can search insurance carrier, location, and availability to find the perfect match for you.

Dentists: MyDentalTime adds patients directly to your schedule and boosts your office production.

  • Increase Your New Patient Reach
  • Increase Your Patient Retention
  • Increase Your Practice Productivity

MyDentalTime enables current and new patients to schedule appointments in real-time by integrating with your practice's management software. Your patients will be able to schedule appointments when the office is closed or phones are occupied. This increases the value of your team by allowing them to focus on more productive tasks than answering calls.

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