MyDentalTime adds patients directly to your schedule, so you can fill openings in your day easily

Think of MyDentalTime as your extra team member, we do the work to fill the gaps in your schedule without the added payroll.

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Connect your practice to MyDentalTime's community of patients and watch your bottom line grow.

Increase patient reach with our cloud-based scheduling platform that places new patients directly into your schedule day or night.

MyDentalTime frees up your front office team by reducing the time spent on the phone, let us do the work.

Fully customized to sync with your practice software, no need to change anything.

You select which appointments are viewed by patients

Customize when you want appointment times to be available, MyDentalTime works with your unique schedule, and it will not interfere with other programs that are operating. Setup is simple!

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Patient's can easily pay their statements online with the built-in payment tool.

MyDentalTime allows patients to make payments anytime, even when your office is closed. Payments will post to your account in 24 hours. All payments are secured and PCI compliant.

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Boost your office with MyDentalTime

The Old Way

Reliant on Phone Communication

Patients must call into the office to make and change their appointments.

Limited To Business Hours

Adjusting your appointments must be done over the phone during regular business hours.

Dedicated Resources For Answering Calls

Front office resources are dedicated to answering patient phone calls.

Payments In-Person or By Mail

Patients can only make payments in-person or by mail.

With MyDentalTime

Self-Service Platform

Patients can make appointments online that go directly into your Practice software that you customize to be available.

Accessible Day and Night

Patients are able to schedule appointments online anytime they need, day or night.

Free Up Front Office Resources

Instead of answering patient phone calls, front office resources can focus on other aspects of the business.

Easy Online Payments

Payments can be made anytime online.